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Platonic Relationship

Platonic Relationship

What is platonic relationship? According to plato it is a relationship between individuals of the opposite sex marked by the absence of romance or sex. To put it simply, a platonic relationship is close friendship between a man and a woman. When I was young, I remembered reading a different definition which is pure and soul full friendship between a man and a woman. Haha.. I thought it was a friendship between a priest and a nun. I'm sorry I know I was being stupid, innocent and really gullible.

I never really know what it means until I came accross my friend's research about it. Actually I've read those papers before maybe when I was in highschool I think but I didn't undertand it that much until I've found it and read it again just few weeks ago. In those papers, it didn't really defined what the term means, it just described a lot of situations between a man and a woman. I've lost those papers so I am just going paraphrased what I will remember, so far.

It's when you and your guy friend tells each other everything, ask each other for advices, when he needs a date, you'll be his date, when you need a date, he'll be your date, but you are just friends. It also said that when he has problems with the girls he wants to court or when he has problems with his family, he runs to you and vice versa.

Another instances is when your guy friend's parents ask him if he has a girlfriend, you also get to pretend in front of them as his girlfriend. You get to have the same favor if ever you need to show your parents or friends that you really got a guy they could trust. Besides its always better for them to assume that their child is going to end up with someone they know and you know for a long time. Just like the movie Made of Honor. The hard part is accepting the fact that you fell inlove with your bestfriend and confessing to her your feelings.

Now here's the interesting part for me, cause when I started to read, it reminded me of my conversation with friendster. It says when your guy friend has a girlfriend, your guy friend starts to spend more time with her, and since you are his friend, you have to step back for a while so that their girlfriend won't get jealous. As his friend, he'll know that you understand so they really don't have some explaining to do. When they finally split up with their girlfriend, they expect you to be back in their life as if nothing happened. But of course, you can never deny the weird jealous feeling.Then you try to ask your self, "we're friends and we're better off as friends why are you jealous?" honestly I've asked myself that in the past. Well the thing is if you have a guy friend that's normal. I've got used to it. Whenever friendster has a girlfriend I stay away from him for a while. I don't text how he is and if I have a problem I try to solve it myself for a while. Then if he doesn't have a girlfriend anymore, that's where I start to talk to him as long as I can. It's a cycle I've learned to dance gracefully.

Can Platonic relationship turn to a romantic one?

Yes, it actually can if both of you fell for each other. It's when you woke up in the morning, before you just see each other as friends, but now you can't see yourself without that person anymore. I've always wanted that kind of relationship but unfortunately that kind of relationship is not that easy. It has a certain of complicatedness. To tell you the truth, a lot of people has problems like that, they have feelings for each other but they are not acting on them because it might ruin their friendship. I actually know a lot of people with that kind of relationship. In highschool, and college.

Some of them have worked. Some of them didn't. I actually felt bad for my friend. Her guy friend thought she didn't love him because she stayed away from him after asking her if she loves him. The truth is she loves him too much. But he is a kind of a player. So she told me that, she doesn't want to get hurt. I don't know what he really feels for her. I don't trust him that much. I don't think he told me all the truth. So I don't really know? They were best of friends for more than a year I think, until a problem started, destroying everything and their friendship. I actually wrote a story about them which I'm still about to finish yet.

So far, marriage that have started platonicly or not but had developed in the process, is rumored to be the best way to describe the best way to describe a couple with strong bond that no one could just alter, stop, or destroy. Mostly because of they have gone through in the past and what they started to mean to each other for all the times they stood beside each other.

Platonic Relationship to Romantic Relationship example:

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  1. Aw, that's sweet you thought a platonic relationship was between a priest and a nun. Of course, all relationships between priests and nuns should be platonic. I would never have thought of a platonic relationship as one where you pretend to be the boy/girl friend for your friend. I always thought a platonic friendship was a close friendship between a man and a woman, the same as close friends who are both men or both women but of different sexes. I know some people don't believe men and women I have had many platonic friendships.


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