Monday, October 29, 2012

The Rest of Forever by Elaine Moore

The Rest of Forever is a novel recommended by a friend. She shared some of the conflicts of the story and it made me curious and interested right away. The cover of the book seems a message to me that it's going to be a challenging journey. I don't know why but from the first look that's what it seems to me. 

As I started reading the book, it turned out to be something I never expected. At first it is refreshing to read a novel that shows a character who has a religion, even more a devout Christian because the last time I read a book with a focus on religion is only The X-Files. The bunch of other novels and pocketbooks I read hardly mentions a religious character or shows a character with blinding faith. It's such a good mirror because all of this is happening in reality. I am a Catholic and my grandparents thinks the way they do. At first look, people would think it is a typical book of romance and tragedy but it isn't. It is so much more and I will leave you the chance to read it for you to found out what I discovered.

Here is a book that has reawakened a part of me that believes "Love Still Conquers All". It's such a sweet revelation for me. It's been also a long time since I've read a book with romance in it because I've been focused more on Crime, Mystery/ Thriller genres. So far the only novels I've read with romance are all penned by Nicholas Sparks which means I have high expectations but you guys already know that if you've been reading all my blogs. This is my first time to read a romance novel of a different author. I have to admit now that I wasn't disappointed reading it. It has a different style of writing and reading it has been a roller coaster of emotions for me. I felt like crying on the first few pages, and still felt like crying when I got to the middle and up to the end. The possibilities of how the book might end is exciting. It really made me miss reading romance novels.

I expected a different ending because I thought that's where my feelings and the facts are pointing to but I'm very satisfied of the ending. I suddenly remembered that love is not logical and rational. And it's not just a feeling, it's a responsibility. Still it is not just a book about love, it is also a book that shows the importance of forgiveness, and how faith really plays to a person's life. I personally recommend it especially to those who are looking for answers. I am not saying that it will give you the answer but it will lead you to it. Of course I have to admit that not everyone would agree to the ending. I think that it is only a matter of perspective. Even if the book ends up different, this would still be amazing in my eyes. In this book, I was able to see that there's still a chance in humanity. In our modern time, it is statistically proven that our lives are more govern by our responsibilities. We always put the others first before ourselves and we always put our work first before our loved ones. What we didn't realized is we have a right to love ourselves. God said that Love thy neighbors as you love yourself. Why? Because it is understood in between the lines that before we try to love others, we should learn to love our self first. And when we have learn to love and appreciate ourselves, we can learn to love others without compromising our happiness. We are happy, therefore we share that happiness or we want to help other people to achieve happiness through acceptance, and perseverance. People who has been selfless, has a right to be selfish. Love is about giving and being happy about it and not when a person ends up compromising their happiness. It just doesn't feel right when you made other people happy and you end up depress or miserable. 

Ms. Elaine Moore has created characters that will make you want to get to know them more. It is just the kind of romance novel that I love to read. Simply meaningful, straight to the point, and honest. It is a perfect reflection of people living in a situation like this. I know because I live in that kind of situation. I know the teachings of the religion and I am living it. The author will make every reader imagine and live the world of the characters. How I wish I could also visit the OBX and North Carolina.  Her way of writing has lots of potential and I'm sure that her book are going to be good as well. 

For a first book, this is really good and beautiful story and I finished it in just one seating. I would love to read the next book. The Rest of Forever really touched me and makes me think that anything is still possible, if it's really meant to happen. It gave me more conviction that Love really knows no boundaries. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Prodigy by Dave Kalstein

When I first saw this book, I thought it was a biography of some sort, but I was wrong. 

The summary of the book has created an excitement and thrill deep inside of me which also motivated me to read it and finish it soon.

Mr. Dave Kalstein has an extraordinary talent in weaving vivid characters, personalities and a tale that could attract every curious mind. The concept of the story is very brave and innately genius that I know a lot of authors would be afraid to tread the same journey unless they'll also possess the gut and wit of Mr. Kalstein in writing.

I am very certain that this is the kind of novel, every young mind will be interested to read because the generation now are so resourceful and smart for our own good that they crave for intellect, status, identity, maturation and the real meaning of life, and most of all adventure.

If you haven't read it, you're missing a lot.

The novel doesn't just represent the future and vision of our ancestors in the past, and Einstein's theory, but it shows values and ethics of every human being bad or good, rich or poor, privileged or not, etc. It is an eye opener for me. It is bluntly honest and angsty. Mr. Kalstein definitely won my respect in creating a work of art that I deemed impossible to make, but he did. He didn't just meet my expectations, he blew me away.

It is also a good read for parents whose got a pathological need to get their children to the best schools. I know for a fact, schools that offer a good quality of education and opportunities is the best school, but I do believe that what matters most  is the child's upbringing, motivation, beliefs, attitudes, values and morality cultivated by their parents and the people around them matters most. The personality of the child plays a more important role in the child's decision-making and how he's going to live his life.

With a school of geniuses or prodigies, you'll be expecting a genius itself writing it to meet the high expectations and the quality of knowledge in this novel, that every reader has for this school. 

The passion, research and effort in this novel is unbelievable I didn't expect the medical and chemical stuff to appear, but I'm so glad it's there. I always enjoy novels I could relate to. I know it would seem that I'm singing praises but of course I also have a lot of questions and is interested in knowing the anatomy of the characters and of the whole novel itself.

It's such a privilege to have a glimpse of Mr. Kalstein's mind. 

I have to admit that I'm a person with a very high expectations. Before reading this book, I was expecting a lot. Now I'm done reading it, I'm fully gratified. I only wish the story never ended or at least differently because I'd rather read it over and over again. 

But of course I take back what I said. It ended the way it should because that's life and that's how our reality works.