Saturday, July 12, 2014

Love At First Sight Is Real

Love At First Sight is Real
Mostly, children believes in love at first sight because of fairy tales.
As we grow up we're supposed to be cynical, realistic and practical.
In television and movies, we're supposed to believe how actors portray couples.
And look where it got us? High statistics of divorce, annulment, miserable couples in an unhappy relationship and a bunch of people chasing over their friends or best friends to fall for them.
Why? Cause that's what we saw.
I've been studying human behavior on my own, in 2009 I had extended to the topic why a person falls for a particular person.
Guess what? I eventually learned why a person falls for a particular person and how it happens. I read tons of books such as:

(Why Men Marry Bitches, Why Men Love Bitches) by Sherry Argov

(Personality Plus, and for couples) by Florence Littauer,

(Why We Love? and Why Him? Why Her?) by Miss Helen Fisher,

(Men are from Mars Women are from Venus, Mars and Venus on a Date, Mars and Venus in the Bedroom) by John Gray,

and last but not the least (Lovemap, The Lovemap Guidebook) by John Money.

I profiled the characters of the tv series and movies I watch, even books I read and it's so disappointing and misleading that majority of the writers are portraying love stories wrong in so many levels. I rationalized that they will eventually get it right.
Five years later, I decided to give up the shows I'm watching because there's no hope. I still watch Once Upon A Time considering it's Fairy tales retold differently.
Now, my conviction is much stronger because of the book I encountered called, "How To Make Someone Fall Inlove in 90 minutes or less" by Nicholas Boothman, it proves what I believe is right.

What's even great to hear is that these books above had helped a lot of couples strengthen their relationships. If you still don't believe then tell those couples who had been together for more than thirty years or more.
For years, I've been looking for evidence to prove that love at first sight is real but it won't be easy to convince other people because the general audience worships tv series and movies right now.
Of course, it's good that they're encouraging couples to be friends first before they get into a relationship. But does these couples like Booth and Brennan, Beckett and Castle, Tony and Ziva, Dean and Rizzoli, Deeks and Kensi, let's not forger Mulder and Scully and other famous couples right now really need to take more than two years to fall inlove and get involve with each other?
Does these couples needs to have a friends with benefits relationship first before having the real thing?
Are these couples really matched with each other to be called opposite matched?
When in fact, the only reason they are written that way is because it's a strategy to keep the audience watching.
Writers of any kind, prolong the courtship or the progression of love because they're afraid of the moonlighting curse. So writers, or producers right now are reduced to settling their characters with their friends or what they call the opposites.
It's frustrating cause they're not really putting much effort and thought in creating the characters. It's funny how characters with opposite traits are immediately assumed as matched opposites. When in fact there's also a lot to consider when creating a character and matching them. You just don't match them in one or two ways, you have to match them in almost every aspect of their lives, personality, and circumstances.
But let me remind you that the moonlighting curse only exists on screen and not in real life.
So people shouldn't just settle with what they see on screen?
They should open their minds, widen their imagination, be in touch with the cosmic force or mother nature and listen to the signs. And if you're rational, then listen to the scientific signs that's right in front of you.
In the book, it said that couples needs two things to be matched opposites, I agree with them but I have a different theory.
With all the research I've done all these years, for me couples who are supposed to be opposite matched, needs five things. Yes, they're five that's why I call them perfectly match.

I am very confident that if couples have those five things, their relationship will surely last more than twenty years. Not going to qualify below twenty because there are couples who still gets divorced even if they've been together for more than fifteen years.
So what's your say in this?