Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Heartsick by Chelsea Cain

It's been a long time since I wrote something. Now I want to share the books I've been following for a while now. It was introduced to me by my cousin's friend.

It was a book written amazingly by Chelsea Cain. The first novel, Heartsick

was about Detective Archie Sheridan being called back to work by partner, Henry Sobol. Archie became a successful detective after capturing the Beauty Killer, Gretchen Lowell, with the help of his Beauty Killer Task Force. At the same time with the reporter, Susan Ward, thrown into the mix to write a profile of the said Detective.

You are also going to have a chance to read the snippets of the encounter of Archie with Gretchen and will give you questions as to why did the Beauty Killer did such things and what is her motive.

I found the book surprising and full of mystery. This book ain't for the squeamish type. It's downright dark, at the same time light. It's a book that's hard to drop.

The novel was introduced to me by a cousin’s friend when she found out that I’m interested in reading stories about psychopaths.

I got excited when I heard about Heartsick. When I saw the cover, I think it was very alluring to me. When I started reading it, I have to admit that I don’t have any expectations but when I got to the second chapter, it totally surprised me. I realized then that the book is mature and realistic in nature and that alone makes the novel worth reading already. I’ve completely immersed myself in their world, I felt so captivated. The characters feelings and experiences are so authentic. I wouldn't be surprise of the content because that’s what’s happening in real life.

I really like the fact that Chelsea Cain based the location of her book in real life. I can practically imagine the gory scenes she created especially the Gretchen Lowell crime scenes.

As I continued reading the next chapters, I kept asking myself, who is this Gretchen Lowell they keep mentioning about? Until I got into the chapter where I could meet her in person, I was more impressed of her mind games. Yes, she’s a psychopath but she’s so good at it you can’t help but be taken with her. Indeed it is a good combination, a beautiful serial killer. I know that a lot of people would be comparing it to Thomas Harris’ “Hannibal” and “Silence of the Lambs”, I think that heartsick still have its own originality and own thing that will attract audience to read it.

It is a novel that will certainly open up someone’s mind who is not aware that things like this happens in real life. I’m not even referring to the serial killing because I know that serial killing is overrated already. In our time, the things that teenagers or college students love to watch are CSI, Bones, Castle, LAPD, NCIS, Criminal Minds, and other shows that are concern with crime solving.
The characters of the book are well written and I love the part that they have their own mannerisms to be remembered easily.

I am actually done reading the second installment called Sweetheart.

The second novel we are going to dealt with Archie's problems due to his encounter with the beauty killer 2 years ago.

We will also see a different side of the characters you'd never thought possible. I am surprise by how things had turned out but the first novel will give you an inkling of what really happen in the past before the capture of Gretchen Lowell.

It will make the ride more exotic, hot, interesting, and exciting. Mind you but a warning that things will be quite graphic.

It caught me really by surprise and I love it. It sure has surpassed my expectations.

I love the fact that there are lots of revelations about Archie and Gretchen’s connection to each other. Susan never failed to irritate me, and amuse me at the same time. She’s come a long way though. Despite her stupidity at times, I know she’s got a lot of potential considering the fact that she really works hard, creative, ambitious, and that she’s beautiful in her own way but of course, she’s out of Gretchen Lowell’s league.

I thought Henry and Susan had good chemistry because of the way they get on each other’s nerves. It’s just that there are a lot of couples who ended up together started their interaction just like them. I just hope it wouldn’t be a typical story where authors write up these two different characters, like Archie and Susan, to meet and start working together and then ends up together like Bones, and Castle. I love watching those shows but I’m hoping for something different. Of course it’s too much to ask, right?

And I just finished reading the third installment called, Evil at Heart. The third novel is about the comeback of Gretchen Lowell or rise of the new serial killer that is somehow related to the beauty killer. It will take Archie and Susan Ward to uncover the truth behind the murders appearing in the beauty killer crime scenes. We also get to see how Gretchen entered Archie's life and what he's going to do about it.
It involves a side of Gretchen that will make Archie either angry or glad.

The third installment had lesser appearances of Gretchen Lowell, but the good thing is we got to see the different reactions of people in a lot of ways name it sick, healthy or a normal reaction. Chelsea will show us another creative way of torturing someone aside from pulling someone’s intestines out, and shattering a glass rod inside a shaft. I enjoyed the interesting facts and deep research Chelsea Cain put into this to be able to put a craft like this together. We get to see more of Archie and Susan together working out clues together.

There's only one actress that I'd say will fit the role perfectly for me. Gretchen Lowell is beautiful, intellectual, irresistible to men, manipulative, self-assuring, competent, confident, and evil. I wanted Alison Larter as Gretchen Lowell. All the time I've been reading the novels, she's the only one I've been imagining from the start.
From my academic and psychiatric point of view, after reading the book, I imagined Gretchen Lowell to look superior, intimidating, bold, stunning, vile, cunning, deceptive, smart, evil, attractive, irresistible, beautiful in a grown up way without effort, milky white porcelain skin, fit, and sweet looking at the same time.

After the book described her, my mind had already fabricated an actress that would play her. I imagined Ali Larter as Gretchen Lowell because Ali had something to give the character justice it deserves. Ali Larter is just the most beautiful and stunning blond I've ever seen. I watch a lot of TV series and movies. 

Ali is my only bet to play Gretchen Lowell. I don’t think and believe that there's another actress for the role, Gretchen Lowell. Ali Larter is capable of playing the character the way she's supposed to. If the role is given to another actress maybe I won’t appreciate it the way they want me too. Aside from that, Ali Larter had already played characters that are somehow like Gretchen Lowell and she was so good at it. I enjoyed it so much. I have to admit that sometimes, I also imagine Archie as Adrian Pasdar, but of course, that's already asking too much. 

Heartsick, Sweetheart and Evil at Heart are focused on Detective Archie Sheridan, and Susan Ward but we all know that the majority of the audience are more focused on Gretchen Lowell. So they should really get an actress who’s going to deserve the character. I have nothing against other actresses but I don’t think that Gretchen Lowell is a second rated role that should be played by a mediocre actress. If they don’t like my choice, the least that they could do is get someone who will really deserve it.

I guess that’s what happens when books are turned into movies, the people who are responsible for casting always gets the wrong actors. Why? Because their point of view is totally different from yours, because their standards, their criteria for judging is not like yours. If it doesn't work out, the movie will just crush and burn. The novels are awesome so the movie should do great too. I will be expecting a lot if this comes to cinema or series.